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EA Elektro-Automatik announces High-Power, High-Efficiency Triple Output Battery Testing and Recycling Devices.

Test, simulate, and recycle battery packs with voltages up to 920 V and power capacity to 30 kW.
  • Foto EA Elektro-Automatik announces High-Power, High-Efficiency Triple Output Battery Testing and Recycling Devices.
Viersen, Germany, 23 May 2023 – EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co.KG, a worldwide manufacturer of DC power supplies for R&D and manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of DC programmable power supplies, bidirectional power supplies and regenerative loads, introduces the EA-BT 20000 Triple Battery Tester, the only battery tester instrument with three channels and the highest voltage and current outputs.

• The Industry’s Highest Power Battery Testing Instrument
The new instruments can test up to three battery cells, modules or packs simultaneously with the power capacity of 4 kW/channel, 6 kW/channel and 10 kW/channel. Furthermore, to test higher capacity batteries, the channels can be paralleled to test 12 kW, 18 kW, and 30 kW battery packs. The EA-BT 20000 Triple series consists of eight models with voltage outputs from 10 V to 920 V and current outputs/channels of 40 A to 600 A. Unlike other battery testing instruments on the market, one EA-BT 20000 can continuously deliver three channels of 600 A or a single channel supplying 1800 A.

• Extensive Applicability
The EA-BT 20000 Triple Output Battery Testers address the full range of the battery life cycle from materials research to battery development, manufacturing, incoming inspection, and second-life battery recycling. The EA-BT 20000 can test individual cells, battery modules, and large battery packs for basic research and industries, including the automotive industry, the aerospace/defense industry, and consumer renewable energy systems.

• A Flexible Integrated Solution for Easy System Integration
The EA-BT 20000 battery testers include all the functionality, in one instrument, to charge and discharge high power battery packs for battery testing, battery simulation and battery recycling. The testers measure parameters such as battery State-of-Health (SOH) and End-of-Life (EOL). The testers also include controls for external circuit breakers and other safety features to monitor and protect the battery-under-test.

The EA-Power Control and EA-Battery Simulator software packages enable automated tester control and allow test configuration and sequencing without requiring the use of a programming language.

To enable software development in custom systems, EA offers driver support that includes IVI drivers and NI LabView drivers. In addition, the EA-BT 20000 can interface to either a PC with SCPI commands or a programmable logic controller (PLC) with ModBus commands. All models in the family have an identical programming interface to save development time when a system requires multiple models. Standard interfaces include USB, Gb/s Ethernet, EtherCAT, and CAN FD. With CAN FD, the battery tester conveniently interfaces with automotive test stands.

For system integrators, EA provides 3D models as step files to facilitate the design of complete battery testing systems. Furthermore, the compact 4U enclosure helps to minimize test rack size. Along with expert applications support, the system integrator can cost-effectively build EA-BT 20000s into battery testing systems with any capacity.

• Triple Turbo Performance for the Highest Throughput
With three channels, the EA-BT 20000 battery testers can simultaneously test three batteries. Thus, these instruments can maximize throughput compared with single-output instruments, allowing manufacturers to reduce test costs and save on capital costs for instrumentation.

In addition, the EA-BT 20000 processes commands and performs readings at the fastest control speed of 1 ms. Combined with the latest versions of the interfaces, EtherCAT, CAN FD, and Gb/s Ethernet, the EA-BT 20000 further optimizes throughput.

• Capacity to 1.92 MW for Large Systems
For large battery systems, up to 64 battery testers with 30 kW capacity can test a system with as high an output as 1.92 MW. A Master-Auxiliary bus creates a multi-instrument system that operates like a single instrument. The single master instrument controls all other instruments and displays total power, total current, and individual instrument warnings and alarms. A second bus, the Share-Bus, ensures that each instrument safely carries an equal portion of the total load.

Other configurations of testers can create a system that can test high-voltage battery packs with voltages up to 2000 V. EA-BT 20000 systems offer the widest range of performance with the highest voltage and the highest current available on the market.

• Highest Efficiency for Energy Savings
When acting as a load to test the battery or to discharge the battery, EA battery testers can return approximately 96% of the absorbed energy back to the power grid, the highest efficiency available. As a result, the EA-BT 20000 can save significant kilowatt-hour consumption and enable the instruments to pay for themselves. In addition, when supplying power, the battery testers have active power factor correction, typically 0.99, and high-efficiency switch-mode supply circuitry to optimize power delivery efficiency.

• Wide-Ranging Voltage and Current Capacity
EA Elektro-Automatik employs true autoranging in its battery testers to provide wide output and input ranges for both voltage and current. True autoranging allows sourcing and sinking at full power over the full voltage output range. One battery tester can test a wide range of battery pack voltage and current combinations with one instrument compared with other manufacturers needing either two instruments or a higher power instrument to address the full range of a battery pack’s output.

• Complete Solution for Battery Test and Recycling
The EA-BT 20000 Triple is a fully integrated battery tester. It has the highest power capacity to test a wide range of cells, modules, and battery packs. The EA-BT 20000 is the complete solution to enable the development, testing, and recycling of current and future battery technologies and battery capacities.

A single-channel version of the EA-BT 20000 is also available for applications requiring less capacity. The single-channel version has all the safety and high speed communication advantages of the triple output instrument but with up to 2000 V and 1000 A output.

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• Pie de foto: EA-BT 20000: Battery tester with triple output – cell, module or pack tests up to 1.92 MW.

• About EA Elektro-Automatik
The EA Elektro-Automatik Group (EA) is Europe’s leading supplier of power electronics for R&D and industrial applications.

At the German headquarter in Viersen, North Rhine Westphalia, more than 300 qualified associates research, develop and produce high-tech equipment for laboratory power supplies, high power mains adaptors and electronic loads, with and without mains feedback. Specific to power electronics, made by EA, is the wide application spectrum. The units are used across many branches, from batteries, through fuel cell technology, to wind and solar power, from electrochemicals and process technology to telecommunication.

Results and experience from decades of R&D flow continually into new solutions. Automatic test systems with specially developed soft- and hardware assure a consistently high product quality. Flexible production processes support fast reaction to changing customer requirements.

As a mid-size company EA is totally responsible for the production location in Germany but acts globally with branches in China and USA, a sales office in Spain and a wide network of partners. Value sharing, mutual respect and open communication characterize our organization.

The foundation of the company in 1974 was based on innovation, a tradition which is maintained today. What started with the development of simple mains adaptors is continued today in the overall concept of technology leadership. With highly specialized power supply systems for a multitude of applications, EA is driving the future of power electronics – technologically excellent, designed for resource protection and energy saving and conceived for a multitude of applications.
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